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Rolex day date

Birthyear watch for your child

I have this idea of getting a watch from the birth year of my children. For a WIS as me I think this could be nice - having a watch from your parents, from your birth year. Something to hold on to - when I'm long gone ;-).
Anyway that is what I think of now as a WIS. I would have loved to have a old "classic" watch that had been in the family for many years. Like a family watch.

Well right now I'm thnking of watches that I can "hand" over to my children when they get older, so they have someting they can use, or sell if they really need the money.
Thinking of a classic rolex watch. That would be something that would keep its value, probally always be in style, and can be used in any situation.
Thinking of:

Next Watch update - Omega Speedmaster - Speedytuesday

This year have only seen one new "used" watch - my Rolex 16803 - gold and steel classic rolex sub. It have almost become my daily beater, together with my Rolex explorer II .

But I can feel that I need some new to put on my wrist...
Really looking forward to the speedy tuesday... but will it be a daily watch? Well I don't know.

Straps on my Rolex watches... What do you think?

I'm thinking more and more on replacing my classic rolex bands with some think leather straps, in order to give it some new look.
The leather straps could be allow for a nice change in the look and feel of the complete watch. I used to make strap changes on and off on my Panerai watches.
I really liked to change from a nylon strap to a thick leather strap, in different colors, just to change the complete look of the watch.

Even Rolex have come out with rubber straps to some of their models, and their TUDOR watches have a complete setup of straps to select from.

The new Rolex Dweller - 50 years model

After Basel - the big storie was the Omega redesign of their iconic watches, and the new Rolex dweller with red writing.

The new dweller will be 43 mm (like Deep Sea), have the cyclop, and have the same depth reating as the old 16600 dweller.

As soon as the news hit the floor - the meaning was many...
I for one like the new dweller - its looks like a bigger sub - from any angle.

So from my point - if you like the Rolex Sub, (and who don't), but would a bigger size watch, then the new dweller is for you.

From my point it removes the difference between the SUB and Dweller to a large extent. Leaving only the Deep Sea as a sub without cyclop.
And the deep sea - is still a fantastic watch - with all the right functions, being the MOST extreme watch I know of.
How many watches do you know - where you could drop it in the sea, alsmost anywhere in the world - and it would survive all the way to the seabed.

The sleeping beauty - this could go wild

The Rolex Root beer - aka Tiger Eye - aka Client Eastwood.
This rolex have been made in so limited numbers that when the last one on chrono24 have been taking. Expect the price to go up, and up.
The Rolex Rootbeer - both the nipple dial - but more so the newer version. Have a dial that is out of this world.
How the light is falling, what angle you view it from,etc. All this, result in a watch that is very unique.
I guess that for every 1000-2000 GMT only ONE 16713 Root Beer was made.

My Next watch ....

I really don't know...

I have the rolex milgauss GV as a good candidate - but will I use it?.

I'm most inclined towards the Explorer II - 16570 black dial. This Rolex is for me the ultimate tool/dress watch.

And the new dweller - with red writing ... Maybe better a vintage rolex then.

Then we have the panerais - they still are on my radar but ONLY the older vresions - the many new versions leave me a little cold.

Time will tell.

Basel 2017

So it is now offical - the new Rolex models presented on Basel (2017).

Offical ROlex site here: Rolex news from Basel
From my point of view the only special watch was the 43 mm new sea-dweller 4000 with red writing.
The jury is still out on this one for me - But it could make the SD4k much more interesting - this has only had a time of some years on the marked.
The old SD4k was presented at Basel in 2014 - so that makes ONLY 3 years on the marked

The new SD is 43 mm vs 40 mm of the "old" SD4K and 44 mm of the DeepSea.

This versus the 42 mm on the rolex explorer II, and versus 40 mm on the subs.

I do think that we now have rolex in every size possible.

Now we only have the 3 watches listed on the rolex site


I have never been a fan of gold watches.
I never thought that I would own a gold watch of any type. I am a steel watch type of man.

But now I see myself as having more and more watches with some gold.
From the two tone subs to root beer GMT. And ofcause the always perfect day date.

Submariner Model 1680

Submariner Model 1680

Reference 1680 was introduced in 1966 and had the chronometer status and a date display. This watch also introduced the Cyclops date magnifier to the Submariner line. The crystal that is used on this watch is very "high" - not domed like it was normal on eg. 5513 and 1665.

It stands almost 3mm above the case and bezel, making it very unique and easy to recognize.

I personal didn't think this was very practical, the high plexi glass would attract ding and dongs, and easy get scratched. This was the reason that I didn't find this model very interesting in the start. But now this feature is what I like about the watch and what makes it special for me.

Rolex Sub - Gold and Steel - 16803

Rolex Sub - Gold and Steel - 16803

The Rolex 16803 is the first real two-tone subs created after the all gold 16808.

I had long had my eye on a mix of gold and steel, and lastly this was the one I got.

Because the 16803 is more rare than the 16613

Because the black dial together with gold and steel is much more stealthy

Rolex 16613 - Two Tone blue dial

My 16613 two tone sub with deep blue dial is so perfect when you want to make a statement.

This watch have so much bling while at the same time being a tool watch.
Mine is with the T-dial - and from about 1990. And so nice it hurts ;-)

Look - still have the sticker on the back.

I can remember the day I first say this version - it was in 1986, on a travel with my father in Africa. The look and the presence of this watch just gives a more bling and class, than the normal Sub.

This was also my first gold and steel watch, and for a long time, I never had the idea to own this type of watch.

And a National G. M. ad

My latest Explorer II - 16570 with cal. 3186

My version of the Rolex Explorer II - model 16750 - is a special one, as it is the last batch of the version 16550/16570 with caliber 3186 inside.

It is also with the white dial - my first and maybe last white dial watch. I do think that I'm more a black dial guy. But if I should have a white dial - this is the model for it.

How many watches is OK - to buy or sell?

When you have more than 5 watches, some are used more than others, but how many watches is enough. I do think I have come to the level where more is not always better, maybe I should go the way of trading up on some brands and models.

That way I could keep the number of watches to a more "normal" level, and still be in the game.
Mostly I have been buying watches, and it is always fun, but maybe it is time to also send some of these watches to new people who can enjoy these.

Rolex Deep Sea - will it last?

Will the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller continue in the present lineup?

I'm a little unsure if this model will continue to be avaliabe in Rolex model lineup.
As of now we have 3 (4) Rolex dwellers avaliable. And I think this is one to many.

We have the first Deep Sea Dweller - the (present) father of the Deep Sea dweller.

Then came Deep Sea Dweller with blue dial (aka the james cameron deep sea).
And last the dweller that is a modern clone of the old Rolex dweller.

I think that within 2-3 years the deep sea dweller will not be avaliable anymore. And only the dweller will exist.
The cost of making the deep sea, and the number being sold makes this watch more and more expensive to maintain.

Rolex Rootbeer - 16753

The Rolex Rootbear is really a special watch.

The colors used makes this watch really stand out. If you need a watch that will turn heads, then this watch is for you. I think that this version is made in a very limited number. I have yet to see many of these on the marked.
The history of the Rolex GMT goes back to the 1954 where the fist GMT was produced. You can find much more information here on the Rolex GMT
The most known Rolex GMT is the iconic 1675 that was in production for more than 20 years.

And I guess that everyone knows about the Rolex GMT. In the start the number of options was almost only with the blue/red bezel. But later other options came into play.
I have never throught about the Rolex Root beer as one I would like to ad to my collection. It's a special watch, with a special look.

But I did look for a nice gold/steel watch, when this baby came up.

I got it, and all I can say about rolex root beer is that photos dont do this model justice.
I really think this is one of the rolex watctes that change how it look so the most. How the light reflects on the dial.

Omega Speedy Tuesday

This one I want.....

The Omega Speedmaster Speedy tuesday.

So nice looking - so special, so limited and created as a speedy tuesday edition fromĀ

My Omega Speedmaster MkII Racing dial

Omega Speedmaster MkII racing dial


The Omega Speedmaster MkII was supposed to go into space as replacement from the initial Omega Speedmaster cal 321. But this never happened.
NASA would not let new watches through the process of approval - take time and cost money, when they already did have a perfect good and approved watch.
So even if the Speedmaster MkII was made for "NASA" it never really went into space.
My Omega MkII is the little more special version - the MkII racing dial version.


NEXT watch list UPDATE

Here are some other candidates for watches I would like - but probably not a real option when looking at the total cost. the watches are not in any special order.

  • Rolex day date White gold
  • Panerai 372
  • Patek P. Nautilus
  • AP ROO - old model.
  • IWC - big pilot
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - vintage
  • Omega Speedmaster Limited edition Speedy Tuesday
  • Tudor snowflake
  • Rolex red Sub/Dweller
  • Linde Werdelin Oktopus/Hard Black
  • Rolex Sub gold 1680/8 or newer
  • Panerai 005
  • and many others ...

First watch of 2017 - Rolex 16803 Sub gold and Steel

So I came into 2017 with a new watch very early on.
I got a Rolex Sub Two tone - gold and steel, with black dial.

It was not on top of my list - but I have talked about getting some gold from time to time.
My Day-date is for the time being still in the bank, but I also wanted something I could use daily, without thinking twice about it.

A got it from - and they almost made a perfect delivery - just I missed the service papers in the first delivery. So right now I'm waiting on the postman to come with that in the mail.

List of watches I like and would love to have if money was no option

I would like to get back to my list of watches that I made at the end of 2014. And see what the status is.
Below you can see my old list of watches I would like if money was no option, and I will try to explain why this is still a good list to have so I can say to myself, when I get a new watch, that it was on my list.....
The Old List
Here are some other candidates for watches I would like - but probably not a real option when looking at the total cost. the watches are not in any special order.
  • Rolex day date White gold
  • Panerai 372
  • Patek P. Nautilus
  • AP ROO - old model.
  • IWC - big pilot
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - vintage
  • Tudor snowflake
  • Omega Speedmaster - from 1965 or 1969 - vintage
  • Rolex red Sub/Dweller
  • Linde Werdelin Oktopus/Hard Black
  • Rolex Explorer II - new
  • Rolex Sub gold 1680/8 or newer
  • Rolex steel/gold black dial GMT/Sub
  • Panerai 005
  • and many others ...

Back on the WEB again ;-)

So funny how the new social medias have taking over with the use of smartphones. Before I used my mobilephone to make calls, send sms/mms, and thats about it.
Then when I came home I used my "Computer" for webbrowsing and searching for watch related information.

Then came iPhone (that is now 10 years ago) and started the smartphone revolution. Killed the Nokias and other mobilephone producers, and gave uprise to new players on the marked.

What do I want to say with that?

Don't know. I user the social media like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest for watch related information and upload of photos. But I miss the more fixed information that is avaliable on the old netforums.
So I will continue to update this site with my writings on watches, and my throughts.
It gives me some more space and a more "old fashion" way of sharing information.
I will continue to use my instagram, pinterest and tumblr account with pictures. And then use this website for more textual information in relation to watches.

I'm still active on TUMBLR, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER much more than the old fashion web. I hope that you can access these new formats before I remove this old fashion way of communication with the world.

My tumblr profile is Whichwatch - again only my own photos.

My Instagram profile is watchblogdk again only with my own watches but will comment on other photos

2014 is NOW in Archive - Please check them out

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)